Kumpor is a personal sci-fi writing project that I started in 2018 but has been around in my mind for almost 10 years.

In a remote future, humans are capable of colonizing other solar systems and planets. Using bioengineering to make people more adaptable to their new worlds humanity creates a project where they aim to colonize a Lunar system in a gas giant similar to Jupiter called Kumpor, in a far away planetary system. With the pass of the centuries, they lose contact with Earth and these societies evolve in their own ways and creating their own internal cultures.

Kumpor is a blog where short stories and, hopefully, long ones merge to show and tell the lives of those who inhabit these natural satellites. Cultural shocks, adventures, politics and different parts of life intertwine in this lunar system.

If your Spanish is good enough to read fiction, then I invite you to visit Kumpor website and read more about it.

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