Professional Experience

Digital Developer – Imagination

Imagination is a global creative agency with offices in Europe, Asia, Australia, the Americas, and the Middle East, focused mainly on delivering great experiences and brand engagement for clients in the world. Mostly focused on automotive brands like Jaguar, Ford, Rolls-Royce and more; but also with clients from different industries like MLB, Shell, Guinness, and Prada.

I joined Imagination in July 2017 and I’m working at the Shanghai office.

I’m part of the digital team and I’m in charge of developing apps for iPhone and iPad based on the projects needs.

I work creating an iPad app for a big automotive company that is used in three different countries in South East Asia. I’m working mainly with Swift 4. We also use RxSwift to create a reactive app that can quickly adapt to the user interaction depending on the needs identified by our team and client. We choose RxSwift to follow the MVVM pattern through the whole app, which let us change models and views easily without depending too much on the other.

The app is being used by thousands of users and is localized for three different markets, including changes in UI and language localization.

I’m in charge of creating the user interface of the app, using interface builder and code, to create and manage constraints to meet a UI adjusted to what the designer teams created and responsive enough to change to the user needs. in order to achieve the best results, we mainly use SnapKit to create the user interface, and pop and UIViewAnimation to deliver a smooth experience to the user.

We also use other common libraries such as AlamoFireMoyaCrashlytics, Realm, ObjectMapper, among others.

iOS Developer – ReignDesign

ReignDesign is a multicultural creative agency with offices in Shanghai, Santiago, Barcelona and Bangkok; and people from all over the world. They develop mobile apps and mobile cloud solutions to clients like BMW, Citroën, CMR Falabella, Hyperloop One and Nike.

I joined ReignDesign in December 2015 and worked remotely from Mexico until I moved to Shanghai office in September 2016 where I stayed until July 2017. I worked as an iOS Developer working mainly with Swift.

During my time at ReignDesign, I worked directly from the beginning on the development of a mobile app for one of the biggest insurance companies in South America. The project started focused on the Chilean market but quickly grew to cover Colombia, Peru, and Argentina.

I worked developing the iPhone project using Swift 2.2 and Swift 3. The project used Cocoapods to manage external libraries and used a REST API to get information from the cloud. We used git as version control and Scrum for the project management.

I worked remotely for nine months from my hometown in Chihuahua, Mexico. And after that, I moved to Shanghai, China where I worked mostly on site. I occasionally wrote on the company’s blog about my experience moving to China.

Product Manager – Intelectix

Intelectix is a software development company located in Chihuahua, Mexico. They work with different kind of industries providing custom software solutions depending on the client’s needs, for local and international clients.

From July 2014 to November 2015, I worked as a Product and Project Manager at Intelectix. I was in charge of gathering the client’s requirements, designing software solutions and presenting them to the client. Once the client accepted the project, I was in charge of the management of the project leading the development team and working as the bridge between the company and the clients.

For the same nature of the projects, an agile development method needed to be implemented when I joined the company. We chose Scrum for managing the projects, where I was in charge of the Product Owner role. We used JIRA as the platform to keep track of the development process.

During my time at Intelectix, we delivered successfully over seven products, I was in charge of the process of requirements gathering, project presentation, project management, and product delivery. The products were from a different range of industries including manufacturing, sales, finances, banking, and transportation.

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