I’m Fernando Mata. I am a Swift Developer from Chihuahua, Mexico, focused mainly on iOS, but I have worked on macOS as well. I also have experience as a Product Manager and Project Manager of software projects. I have worked in different industries from manufacturing to banks.

I currently live in Shanghai, China where I work as a Digital Developer at Imagination. I formerly worked as an iOS Developer at ReignDesign and Product Manager at Intelectix. I have developed several side projects and managed to publish more than six apps in the AppStore, within a big variety of industries; and worked as co-founder of two of them.

I’m passionate about meeting new cultures and learning new stuff. I have exploited both things with my current Chinese adventure, that started two years ago and still counting. This is the third country I have lived in and I’m planning to expand that number.

I Speak fluent English and Spanish, and I’m trying to learn Italian and Catalan.

Feel free to contact me through my different social media channels and to take a tour around my personal website. I try to write about stuff I have learned developing apps and I usually try to do it in Spanish and English.

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